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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I have had many requests for a FULL Instructions
(from dingbat-inkscape-sure cuts a lot and then made)
SO here it is There are heaps and heaps of photos all 154 of them.
But you all asked for it .
First why i do it well one below on left is dingbat un-touched and besides me
putting his head on a little crooked most pieces it cut i could not put on as they were slits
even things like the ear tail and cake were too small to handle that i had to put glue and
drop into place.
The one on right i spent 3/4 hour on and it looks more like what i wanted.
(note it took a while to find a ding that i could even cut the un-touched way that
i could even put something that looks a little like it is supposed too

Firstly let me say SAVE SAVE SAVE all programs have there
faults and not much fun getting so far into you creation just to find that
the program has crashed (BEEN THERE DONE THAT )
Open inkscape, select the A on left had side forth up from bottom.
Type a letter I am using "f" (ok it is not in the font you want to use )

Now go to the "T" top fifth in from right side click on it

A dialog box will pop up select the font you want on the left had
column (Laurie'sCountry is the one I am using in this lesson )

Click on the one you want and the f down the bottom will now
change to the font. Click apply and then close (both down bottom right hand corner)

Click on the arrow select and transfer button top left hand column

Path , object to path

View , display mode and outline

You will see the outline with all those double lines
(note if you leave this and come back to work on another time you
will have to go outline again as it will look like a horrible mess and
don't panic just change to outline)

Path and break apart

click out side this box to unselect

OK to start with the shirt and vest there is no way that cutting this as it
is with the stripes like it is will cut like any thing that you can even put
together after cutting .
so i select this section

Path and combine

Zoom in so you can see what you are doing fourth from top on left hand column

now select the node button second from top left hand side column

Start on the one side of the arm select a heap of the nodes from the stripes
by holding down the mouse draging and it will draw a box around them and they
will turn blue

while they are blue

Push on the "-" button second in top line

And they will disappear

Select some more either by putting the box around them
of clicking on them one at a time HOLDING down the shift key on your keyboard
Push on the "-" button second in top line

I still had a few left so l selected them by holding down shift key
Push on the "-" button second in top line

Leaving the bottom part of his sleeve so you can turn that into the
full sleeve

grab the last node on the sleeve hold the mouse button down and drag out to
where the sleeve should now be

To add shape into that line you have just made you select
both nodes on each side (hold down shift)
they will both be blue

And double click on the middle of the line and a new node will appear

With this node you can now move the line into shape

And the bottom node draging it to where you want the sleeve to be
YOu will notice that the line might have wave in it like mine at times

that is easy fixed you just click on line and drag it to shape that you want

One sleeve is now completed
(Note sometimes some extra lines apear in your work that is not really
there (see sleeve and right hand vest) they will go away when you do something )

While on this arm i noticed that the border was too close (red node)
so i just selected it and draged it down a little

Now i think i am happy with all that arm
(this is where only you can decide if it will look ok or not )

path and break apart

And you will see that sleeve is all neat and tidy

Now the strips down the front of his shirt are needed to be cleaned up
with arrow button top left hand column
select them

and push control x on your keyboard

You can select more than one at a time by holding down
the shift key and clicking on the things

then control x on you keyboard
(notice i left one up top and bottom so i knew later where to take things)

Taking a few of the lines of the other sleeve while i am here

So now you are left with only things you need down the front and right hand sleeve

Working on the sleeve same as the other side moving the nodes
into position and draging the curves to where they look good

happy with that
(hope you are going to remember to save save save )

The little piece you left at the top of the front you now drag node down

dragging down to bottom where you have removed everything

And the other side
(in this case there not another node so i made
on by double clicking on the line)

Drag that new node down to suit the section

I find it easier to make new nodes do do the shaping on those
two new lines just by double clicking on the lines for each node

and drag those nodes to shape

With arrow button (top left) select that piece you have just fixed and
the piece you want to join to that ( i want to join the piece under the chin)
by holding down shift
Path and combine

select the node button

now need to but each of those apart by selecting a node near to where you
want to join them and click on it

now to break path at selected node (sixth in from left top )
click on it

Then click on the "-" (second in from left top)
and a line will disapear from beside that node

On the top of the middle section i need a new node to break the section so i doublle clicked to get a new node in the middle
now to break path at selected node (sixth in from left top )
click on it

Then click on the "-" (second in from left top)
and a line will disapear from beside that node

To connect the piece under the chin with the piece in the middle now
you click on the two nodes one from each by holding down the
shift key

click on the join nodes with new section (fourth in from left top)
and a line will appear between them

select the left hand side nodes one from each (i adjusted the
under chin node over a little so that it looked right)

click on the join nodes with new section (fourth in from left top)
and a line will appear between them

See they are now joined neatly

Now to the bottom of the shirt .
take away some of the pieces so you have one left to addjust

so it looks clean enough to adjust just one in place

With the arrow button and shift key down select the center piece and the bottom piece

Path and combine

Make a node in the center piece at the bottom

now to break path at selected node (sixth in from left top )
click on it

Then click on the "-" (second in from left top)
and a line will disapear from beside that node

now i make node on bottom section for breaking

now to break path at selected node (sixth in from left top )
click on it

Then click on the "-" (second in from left top)
and a line will disapear from beside that node

Adjust the broken parts so as you can join neatly

select both nodes for both center and bottom sections

select both for joining
and click on the join nodes at selected end nodes with a new segments
(fourth from left top)

select both nodes for both center and bottom sections
and click on the join nodes at selected end nodes with a new segments
(fourth from left top)

And you will see a neater result that is able to be cut and put together
and now to neaten up the side parts of the under shirt

Take all but one of the little sections away

I leave the longest piece

using the nodes i move them into the shape of that section

Adding nodes for shaping if needed
Neaten up the other side taking away all but one

dragging the nodes to fit the shape

Adding nodes where needed and for shaping

and now you have a neat and cut-able undershirt for the bear

Fixing the button holes so they all look even by moving nodes around

Cleaning up the buttons so that they can be cut with out extra little dots in them

till they look neat enough

notice on the body above there is a indent on the right hand side of the body
above the leg well that will cut wrong so i want to fix that
By selecting nodes
and "-" till it gone away and the line goes to the shape of the side

Looks better now (it is looking out for little things like
this that helps when cutting and putting together)

Now to the feet under the feet will not cut right

with arrow button select them and push control x on keyboard

They are all gone but left with an arch where they were

Just adjust the nodes from the legs down to match the shape

adding nodes for shaping where needed

Same with other leg

Check all is ok

Now for the head
there are few bits and pieces that will need to be taken away

like the nose shine select and control x on keyboard

Deleting other pieces like on cheek and above eye

Another look and the ears will need tweaking

made up with moving around nodes till it will cut right

now they are neat to cut

Eyes are next zoom in for this

using the nodes moving around to they are shaped
adding nodes where needed

Till both eyes look evenish

And happy with the result

Ok here is the two along side each other one fixed and the one i started with


Now to get this ready to import to sure cuts a lot
you may like to save as new name for this so you have original
Select all (do a path breakapart to check that all is broken)

click control d on key board and move them beside the other set
And control d and drag beside that one (i found out later for this project i did not need it but better to be safe and have it it can always be thrown away )
Now with the first one you need to delete everything except for the
base the very outer
Now we will take all the t shirt out of the next image
(as the pieces are all solid pieces they can just be moved by selecting and dragging out )

Move them all out and put them all along side each other

Select all tshirt pieces ,

path, and combine

Now for the vest parts , because it is made up of all parts
like button holes and things it is here where you have to select the
whole section around all of the pieces
(being careful not to select any of the
other parts) and then

Path and combine all these pieces including button holes are now

You can now drag all that off to the side

Select the tongue and drag to the side

Now it is just to select the pieces of the bear and moving them up closer together

so they can be save paper when cutting

And i moved the hands in

Now i did not need this for any other pieces some times you need another to get
pieces out of so i just select and control x

These are all the pieces that make up the bear

select all the bear skin pieces and path combine

Move everything together not Too close as you need room for placing
different colours on the mat for cutting

Select all and

path and combine

You are ready now

open sure cuts a lot

File and import svg

a dialog box will pop up pick the svg

Size it and put on mat where you want it

File save as , and save .scut

Place the card stock on the mat where on the screen the colours will be

load mat in cricut and cut

When it is cut all your pieces will be on the one mat

Take the black of and then start layering it

When finishded

You might need to do some pen work i know i did

would really like to hear in comments if this is of use to anyone


Anonymous said...

This is totally the BEST tutorial I have seen on how to do this SCAL. Thank you SO much for doing this, step by step. For those of us who are visual people, this helps way more then words! Thank you again for taking the time to do all that work and also have step by step pictures to go with them.


Anonymous said...

Oooohh, Susan........This is fabulous! What a bunch of work and it is so very clear now. Thanks a lot. I sure will enjoy my dingbats a 1000 times more with your

Vickie ~ WhimseyDimples said...

Susan, this is a terrific tutorial! I have been using inkscape for quite some time now and had to learn many of these steps through trial and error. How kind of you to share your knowledge and take the time to put this together! Great job!

Anonymous said...

WOW. I dont have the SCAl yet but you have given me such inspiration that I am ordering it now!
Great instructions and you make it look so easy. Thank you! Jody

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this!!!!!!!! It's wonderful!!!

Donawanda said...

Thank you SO MUCH Susan. All your lessons are helping me to learn these (not so user friendly) programs. I have one question though...... How do you make a card with the scut file? Similar to your What's up Doc??????? I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this for our benefit. Thanks Again.

Anonymous said...

Susan- you amaze me!! Another wonderful tutorial and I LOVE all the detail and all the photos! I know it was a TON of work for you, so please know it is all GREATLY APPRECIATED! Well done!

THANK YOU!!! :-)

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This is a totally amazing totorial! It is so much easier to understand with this visual!Thank you for all your hard work!!

Anonymous said...

Susan: As usual, I thank you for sharing your talents, your time and all of these great tutorials!!
They are much appreciated and very valued!!
Please keep 'em coming!!!
Kim Sottung

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Wow! I had to buy SCAL after reading all your tutorials. You made a beginner feel comfortable with this program! This one is the BEST! Thank you so much for putting so much work into it. You have anew fan and will definitly visit your blog again and again. Thanks!

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There are not enough words to thank you for all the hard work you do to share with us. I know it takes alot of time and I really appreciate EVERYTHING you share!

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What a great deal of work you did. I certainly appreciate it all. I spent about 6 hours trying to do something similar and was getting so frustrated, so thank you.

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We will all benefit from your hard work and sharing.
Thanks so much.


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Wow! What great directions! This definately helps me when I need to be able to create my own cuts. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are wonderful!
so helpful!
I have been able to clean up some basic dingbats and cut it is amazing i would be clueless with out your help.
Have you imported a scaned item and traced it?
some one on the cricut board showed that I have not a clue how she did that but I would love to learn.

~JulieH~ said...

Susan This tutorial is just fantastic. Thank you so much for the time and sffort you put in to help all of us, especially those of us who are 'visual' the instruction make so much more sense this way! Thanks again

Julie x

Ramona said...

Your tutorials are the best!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

susan i keep trying all these tutorials I have found some missing items on the download of inkscape & have had to manually download them. however on this tut. when I get to the the f i can do the T and the drop down lets me choose lauries C it shows the bear I choose accept it changes back to the f it wont stay on the bear. it is always something. I can never get a full tutorial done. I keep trying cause I so want to use this program. I love your tutorials and your work. just totally frustrated.

Anonymous said...

Susan You are the best!! Thank you so much ,your tut is very interesting and you make it very clear and of course!!! did help me a lot .
Erika K.

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thank you so much for the awesome tutorial - you did a great job and you this tutorial is priceless! It has been fun creating with inkscape. I have one ?, I save my files as DXF to cut w/ my blue wishblade after I convert them to gsd files from robocraft. I get light blue lines through out my projects. I haven't run a test cut b/c I don't know if the blue lines will cut. Do you happen to know why this happen?

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Thanks for the lesson...for those of us who are new, the lesson will really help. I need to be taught, I can not seem to figure things out on my own.
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This is awesome, EXACTLY what I needed as a new user of SCAL and Inkscape. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

Carolina :o) said...

You are unbelievable Susan! I am just glad that I don't have Sure-cuts-alot because it all just seems like a lot of work. Sure-works-alot. Glad there is someone brave enough to tackle those tutorials. I don't blame you for protecting your hard work. Anyways, thanks for sharing so much of that work.

Caro :o)

Marly said...

Susan, I have done tutorials for people on other websites (different hobbies entirely) and I know how much dedication goes into even a simple one. From 'watching' you go through all the various steps I have learned a LOT more that I can do with Inkscape. What an awesome program! I truly appreciate your time and generosity in providing us with this tut. We're gonna have to name you "Queen Tut"!!

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