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Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to make a Trifold Kebab CARD plus pattern

While i was doing research on pop up cards and books on the internet
I see a book that had an opening like this
I set to work recreating it into a Design studio pattern and lesson
(also have read on a wonderful persons blog that she likes trifold cards
so hope you like this one Okieladybug :-) )
If you have cricut and cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN
Following the instructions on cutting in pattern (the mat headings)
You will end up with two pieces of each shape.
And go to the kitchen to get a unused wooden Kebab stick

Score and fold the two base cards in half

then tape one inside the other

Making sure you have the wrong side of the first card mat (one with tabs )
fold back the tab so they are just past the edge of the triangle

Do all four tabs

See how the tabs are past the edge (this is very important )

When you check that things look right they meet the other edge of the mat

now add a little tape so tape tabs in place

Like this

When you put tape on the mats to put on card make sure you put the tape
on over those taped tabs to make them stronger
(yes i use lots of tape on my mats as i know that the samples i make
have to last for years and years )

Now mount mats on card

One on each side like this

Now you decorated mat on the card
(at this point I have not decided what i am going to put on the card so it is
just temp taped on )

Now your card looks like this

With permanent marker colour your kebab stick ,
cut stick to 6 3/4 inches and marker the end where you have cut so as it is black

Take the end of the stick and use the point to open the tabs a little

thread the stick through the top loop

then down through the next loop
(now the loops are on two different sides of the opening so it will
start being held closed)

then down through the next loop

then down through the last loop
now you have a wonderful closure to your tri fold card

pulling the stick out you can write your message inside

Will post finished card when it is decorated

Only ONE day to go before i start putting POP UP SCAL cards and patterns
I have been working hard on them STAY TUNED
Both scal and cds cards will be completely different


Schaapje said...

There is one again, thanks for sharing, this one is cute, forgive me, when my English is not so good, but I try to tell you how I appriciate your gifts of designs, Els

Marjorie said...

Susan, I am so happy there will be pop up cards in SCAL. Thanks for sharing all your hardwork.

jajeem said...

Hi Susan,

Could you take a pity on those who do not own a cricut? Your designs are so excellent that I would really like to use them. Could you find a way that others can use your patterns either by cutting by hand or another type of cutting machine?