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Friday, October 03, 2008

Part 2 of lesson on placement inkscape to scal tip

As a follow on from previous lesson

inkscape to scal TIP

and you have put your design on the mat and saved it
and find

That when you import into scal you get the space like this
and you know that your design was on the page in inkscape

go up back to inkscape and edit then select all
and it will highlight box around all of
what is in your design even things you cant see

Then you will see that there is something else in your
design that you cant see it is soo small you don't know
it is there but it is

I circled it and put an arrow so you can see in the lesson
but all you have to do is remove it

Then check with a select all
to see if that was the only extra one and resave it

Now when you import it to scal it should be all there
with no spare area


Allet said...

I love your tutorials Susan and this one is as good as all the others. Thanks a lot!
The Netherlands

Diana said...

Thanks Susan! This is one thing I wondered about, but always just lived with. Now I know how to fix it!!

Jen said...

Thank you again for all of your wonderful lessons!
You've been nominated for a JavaBlue award!