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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HELP INKSCAPE basic converting logo (NOT 003) but 004

Here is another basic lesson on converting a logo
in inkscape ready to cut in scal
Open inkscape and File, Import and pick the image you want

this one was a bmp file (which i was helping someone with)

No go View, Display Mode and Outline

Then your picture will turn into a cross
now that is fine that is what you want

Now Path, Trace Bitmap

a dialog box with pop up
now you can adjust the brightness cut off
i normally for this sort of thing put in about 0.65
then push OK

You can close that dialog box and you will
see you have a tracing of the logo on top of the x
High light and delete the x box

and now you are left with you logo

now all you do is save as .svg
open sure cuts a lot and IMPORT .svg on and cut


Pamela said...

Thanks for the tutorial! This was my first time using Inkscape. I will have to do more with it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan!
I really am learning a lot from you!

Anonymous said...

You are awsome! I just made a di-cut of my German Shorthair puppy dog!

Brandy said...

You are the greatest, thanks for sharing your tutorials.

Tam on the Rocks said...

Thanks so much for helping out us newbies. This tutorial was fantastic, exactly what I needed! :)

Robin's Creative Cottage said...

Yea! you just saved my day! I've been trying to figure this out. Thank you, thank you!
ignore the red x... ignore the red x. :)

Robin's Creative Cottage said...

Thank you so much, you have really kept me from pulling my hair out.... remember to ignore the red x. I need to remember that!

Robin :)