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Friday, October 03, 2008

Help placement lessons for inkscape to scal TIP

I have had so many calls for help with this
problem (even it has caught me out at times)
that i thought it was time for a lesson on it
when making thinks in inkscape or converting .svgs
if you save your project as .svg and it is not on the

Then when you import you end up with a small picture
and space in the imported picture

BUT if you move it to the page like this
and save as .svg

When you import it appears at the size you want with no extra
space in your import.


Enfys said...

Susan, your blog is so wonderfully informative, thank you

bck said...

This helps a lot. THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

Your lessons are so easy to follow that even a cave man can do it! (Sorry for the pun) I save every one of them on my hard drive in a special folder called 2008Susan files. You are the best! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Some thing so simple yet without it the potential for so much frustration. Thanks for these very helpful hints

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help; and keep up the good work.
What I know of inkscape I learned from you.