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Monday, May 26, 2008

HELP using dingbats with scal via inkscape

As a follow up to my other inkscape lessons , i have had many requests for help
with dingbats fonts
there is one thing extra to do with dingbats to be able to use the other
lessons in the same way
Open inkscape , find your font you want to cut

Select it with arrow, Go path, Object to path

Now View , Display mode, Outline

And you have your design ready to work on

Ready to go Path, Break apart NOW TO either of the lessons
Double lines,
black base part 1 ,
part 2,


KimberlyO said...

Your lessons have helped me so much with learning how to use Inkscape (and SCAL) not to mention the Cricut Design Studio software too! Thank you so much Susan. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you walk through how you would get rid of the lines? I tried doing it and it didnt do anything, I couldnt get it to give me the trace image using the tutorial on lines.

SusanBluerobot said...

all four lessons cover that with pictures need to email me privately and let me know what is not working and i will try to help another way

eunice said...

wowee! You have been busy! I was gone on vacation for a week and see that you have again outdone yourself with so many neat things! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Susan, you are the best. Thanks LOADS. I've got sooooo many fonts that I want to try this on.

Anonymous said...

I am really new to all of this and I have a question which is probably stupid. I downloaded a few dingbats but I don't understand what Inkscape is. Is this something else I need to get now to print the dingbats with SCAL?

Gorse Auto Detailing said...

so THAT'S the secret!! THANK YOU!!!
I have tons of Dingbat Fonts and everytime I try to "fix 'em" I can't get to the part where I can edit/remove nodes... had to do the first 2 steps...