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Saturday, May 03, 2008

HELP Inkscape getting rid of double lines LESSON

Here is a quick overview of getting rid of the double lines in inkscape that are not needed (SOME double lines you do need to keep )

here we have a picture .jpg
Put into inkscape and view out line (there will be red cross in a big square this is ok) trace bipmap and you will end up with a picture that looks like this throw away the .jpg
The red arrows i have draw on here is the ones you DON'T need

Highlight picture and go to path and break apart
And it will brake apart
Now click on the out side lines of the double lines that you don't want and click control x on your keyboard and it will take that one away
Keep selecting all other outside lines and control x ing until you get rid of the lines you no longer want and save as .svg


sueb_4 said...

Thank you so much. This will assist so many folks
Cheers sue

Lisa Ritchie said...

Hi Susan: ljritchie here. Could you suggest how to take double lines out of more complicated graphics? i.e. like one of the vector cartoon files? Then how you would go about cutting it out? Thank you so much for all of your help.


Allison and Adam said...

Hi Susan, I just tried this lesson, with a simple picture of some bananas, and i think i got it!! Thanks so much!

soccerdebla08 said...

Hi Susan, thanks for the information you have posted for us. When I finally get my machines and programs set up, I expect to be able to do a great deal thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank God!!! I was soooo stumped when it came to this. I just wanted to delete this software from my computer and use something else. I must say Inkscape is NOT easy, but with tutorials like this one, it makes it a lot easier!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you make everything so easy! thanks
Diane Lindall

kidzanangel7 said...

Thank you so much, I can;t wait to try this. I was just like the other woman, I was about to trash this program until the MB told me about you.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm doing something wrong! I can't get a dingbat to open by using the Text button. Please help with more info on how this is done

Anonymous said...

I dont' get double lines until I import the svg into sure cuts alot. Then how do I get rid of the double lines? New here, so confused.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have been struggling with this issue for some time now and never able to find a solution on-line. I can normally figure issues like this out, but this one had me stumped. Thanks so much for the post! I can continue to be productive!