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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TWO TONE cute DRAGON plus pattern (SECOND cut instructions)

This cute two tone dragon is made using george cartridge and cricut design studio . And i embossed the tummy through the cuttlebug embossing folder
It is an altered pattern of the cute dragon that i posted yesterday. The only thing is with this pattern less waste if you cut two of each mat at a time (make two cards), and mix and match the pieces
NOTE that some of my patterns have "SECOND CUT for ......" after being asked many times
what do i mean and as this pattern also has this on it i have done an instruction lesson on it .

"SECOND CUT for ......" Instructions (some of my patterns have this on the layer)

1. this pattern has "second cut for body" so what you first is find the layer of body load the card on mat
2. and cut this layer, LEAVE the card on the mat
3. then go to layer "Second cut for body " reload the mat in the cricut
4. cut this layer . Now you body will be in two parts

IF You have a crucit and the cricut design studio HERE IS THE PATTERN

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Unknown said...

You are amazing!!!! Thanks so much for all the sharing you do!