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Monday, March 17, 2008

Instruction/lesson/hint ON MORE CONTROL

I have found that you have more control with the shapes if you don't rotate so i thought i would show you this hint too

1. if you need a oval
2. but when you place it you need it the other way
3. instead of rotating it
4. it is better to select a circle
5. place it
6. and adjust it to be the oval shape you want
7. because rotating 90* these to arrows just do not work the same and i find it hard to adjust to the size you want . (try this and you will see what i mean )
8. These shapes also
9. are the same if you want them best not to rotate 90*
10. because these to arrows don't work the same
11. so pick the square shape that looks like it
12. and adjust to the size you want

Hope this makes sense to you ?


eunice said...

Thanks for the great tip, Susan. The rotating thing is just another one of those quirky things about this program that drives me batty. Thanks again!

craftaddict said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for posting this, I was having problems but you have explained it so clearly now it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Awesome as always !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the information - will have to give it a try!!