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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How to keep you SUSPENDED plus pattern for CDS

Here is a fun lesson on suspending in the card
(I use up all the heavy plastic covering
that the cartridges come in when you by them)
Cut a 2 inch square from heavy plastic waste
Cut out the card using the
cricut pattern FROM HERE
or the Sure cuts a lot pattern FROM HERE

You will also need
hole punch, white paint pen, four beads, thin ribbon,
tape and image
(in this case i used a fabric sticker LESSON HERE )

Start by using the white paint pen
and drawing around the edge of
the 2" square
(decorate in side this square is you want too, i did )
Put aside to completely dry

Punch 4 small hole one in each corner

Take the ribbon and thread it from the back of the
square to the front

and tie a knot or two so as it will not pull out

Doing this to all holes and cutting of enough ribbon
(in this case I cut mine about 4 " as to make sure
i had enough to hold)

Thread the beads onto each ribbon (don't tie it yet)

With your top card put tape all way round

take the tape of two of the sides and
position the the square in the center
making sure your ribbons are laying flat on
the tape

Now place another piece of tape
over the ribbons

Move the beads to touch the frame and tie not above
them to hold them in place

Trim of excess ribbon

Mount it on your base card

Add your sticker

Now complete

HERE is another cards using
this idea



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these instructions. Can hardly wait to get going. Thanks so much for sharing.


Marjorie said...

Susan, thanks for the file and for sharing the instructions also.

Jannita said...

Thanks Susan for the file and lesson

gr. Jannita

TT said...

Wonderful Susan. Dang, i threw my plastic away yesterday. I knew i had seen something to use it for but i hate clutter so since i didn't know - i threw it away. Dang Dang Dang.!!!
off to the garbage can i go.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you sooo much for all tht help and time you put in making the tutorials.They have helped me soo mcuh. I am just learing inkscape and SCAL. I have tried making a few things.
I do not have a blog here. You may email me at