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Thursday, July 17, 2008

HELP /TIP is slow normal for scal ?

IS it normal for the "Sure cuts a lot" to cut slow?
that is a question i get asked lots
and answer to that is YES .
Reason why is the things being cut have
heaps of nodes.
Fonts below the top one will cut very very slow as you can see on the right
of that there are heaps of nodes and the program goes from nodes to nodes
the lower font in the picture would cut heaps faster as it has less nodes.
I tested this and it does.
(now if it was quicker it would tear your work and you really don't want that ?)

1 comment:

lovebeingamom/Pam Smith said...

thanks for your insite, your knowledge makes my life so much easier! Now I won't worry that something is wrong with my machine :-)