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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to make decoration from Frame dies number 01

I showed a decoration that i had made for the
alota challenge yesterday and today i thought i would
show the quick lesson in how i made it .
take any shaped frame die (as long as it is symmetrical)
and cut four of them

Now fold them in half with right side folded inwards

Fold all four pieces

Cut a piece of string 2 1/2 times longer that you want it to be
when made up

Fold in half and tie a knot in the end about 1 inch
from the ends of the string

Take to of the frames and glue them together
on one of the half frames ( as shown)

Now add the string with the knot to the inside of
the frame (slightly separating the string so it
is one piece on each half of the frame)

now glue the two sets together

and it will look like this

now you take an image that has a front and a back
(in this case i used the robot stamps from alota which has
the left and right robots)

Glue on to the string so the top is just under the knot

Then glue the other to the back of that one

And you have your frame dies decoration


Shelly Watson said...

This is SO cute!!

Helene said...

Love all your ornaments they are fantastic.

Love ya,

Craftbugmum said...

Wow what a lovely creation, love your work. Thanks for sharing
Fi x