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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inkscape lesson for Picture pop up to cut perfect with scal

I made a lesson on how to make lettering and
numbers pop up card that will cut perfect on scal HERE
Now here is the lesson on how to make picture pop up card

Would love to hear if this was a help to you


Marg said...

This is a great tutorial. Thank you for all your work.

Anonymous said...

great tutorial. very clear and simple directions that make learning easy!

Thanks Susan


Penny said...

I don't have an scal but I think it's great they way you put up these tutorials for people.

Heidi said...

You always come up with the most amazing things...I'm going to have to try this one sometime...

janst said...

you are an angel in disguised with all these tutorials.
Thank you for sharing.

Sandi said...

I have been following you for years, you are brilliant, you totally rock and I love your tutorials.