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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HOW to make the POP UP card LESSON

1. To make the main part of your card start on a mat
2. Select the cartridge and the shadowing letter
3. select the size for this type of card 1" works best
4. weld all the letters

3. I put letters on one at a time this way i can control where they go (but i am not saying you can not place them all in one)make sure you weld all
4. placing then so as they over lap at least one part of the lettering above
5. making sure you are working on the center line

6. every letter above the center line has to be touching a letter below the line

7. select the shapes on the card (you don't have to use this cartridge any of the font cartridges have a square of rectangle I THINK )
8. select a square or rectangle (cause you can turn the square into rectangle)
9. weld selected
10. add one to the side of your lettering NOT TOUCHING the lettering

11. highlight that rectangle push copy
12. push on paste
13. and move too the other side NOT TOUCHING the lettering
14. so both sides look fairly even

15. select a square
16. make sure it welded
17. make it into a rectangle
18. and HAVE it overlapping the top of the letters

19. Highlight that rectangle push copy
20. push paste
21. Move down under the letters so it is overlapping the bottom letters
22. Have both the above and below the center line even

23. OK at this point i am worried that my lettering here will be too weak so i am going to fix it (left this is in show you what you can do )

24. select a rectangle
25. make sure it is welded
26. make it small enough and rotate it to fit in between lettering

27. now i know that will be connected enough

28. go lettering mat
29. select no shading
30. type the letters you need for you card
31. I put a cutting bock around this so i can have it cut out so i can use the negative part (which i used on the front of my card )OPTIONAL

32. turn the view page off on lettering layer
33. get new mat
34. push on view
35. and you will see how the center base card will cut , it is at this time you will see if you have the letters right

36. I make a little slit with scissors in card where the pink is
BLUE LINES are scored

Tape goes on where the pail blue is ON BACK SIDE OF CARD and it gets taped in center of your card lining up the center fold


Nancy said...

Oh, that is so cool. I have to tell you about 5 years ago I made and cut BY HAND 50 cards like that for my grandma's 100rth birthday. She loved it, and I can tell you it would have been so much easier with the cricut. Everyone thought I was nuts.

Sharon said...

Wow, this is my first time to your blog and I'm impressed with all the things you've designed.

KimberlyO said...

I was just looking at the brass stencils that I have for creating Pop-Up cards and wondering if the Cricut and Design Studio could do something like this! Awesome job Susan!!

Jenny said...

I love pop-up cards and you certainly have done a great job with this one. I have just had my CDS so I'm still getting the hang of things. You have given me great inspiration. Thanks very much for sharing.

Debbie H said...

Susan, as always, you are so wonderful. THanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

Susan I love this tutorial. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I love this look. I have a question though. I made a card and when I put the little rectangle in the letters to give added strength (#26 and #27 of your directions)parts of the other letters were not cut out. I did chose the weld option for the rectangle. This also happened when I wanted to add something. I am getting a tad frustrated. Thanks for any help.

911barb said...

Thanks for the great stuff.
I am going to try the pop-up card for our anniversary.
barb911 s//e mi

Jo said...

your blog is so fasinating Susan

Love the pop up card, I definately will try one of these